Project Description

Bounty Bollywood Movie Night

Bounty treats South Asian moms to VIP experience at Bollywood movie night premiere

Bounty Paper Towels are loved by Canadians for being the quicker picker upper. However, Bounty saw huge potential in the kitchens of South Asian families who are known for cooking sumptuous cuisine. Bounty wanted to connect with this important and growing consumer, especially Moms, by saying thank you for all their hard work.

Focus was put in charge of bringing out South Asian mothers and their families to enjoy a free VIP screening of a Bollywood movie sponsored by Bounty.


By partnering with a prominent South Asian media, Focus rounded up a full theatre’s worth of South Asian moms and their families for a free Bollywood movie screening. Focus staged the event and transformed the movie theatre to a VIP experience for attendees. Brand representatives were present to serve authentic Indian refreshments and gifts. In addition, millions of social and traditional editorial impressions were generated around the experience.

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