Iconic downtown shopping centre greets patrons with traditional Chinese New Year treats

Yorkville Village – formerly Hazelton Lanes – is a premium retail destination located at the heart of Downtown Yorkville-Bloor area and home to a number of exceptional boutiques and eateries. The Centre plans to complete renovations later this year and looks to driving brand awareness among urban audiences that predominantly consist of affluent mainstream shoppers. Given that Chinese consumers have a huge appetite for luxury brands, Yorkville Village wanted to reach out to this ethnic segment for the Chinese New Year.

To this end, Focus was engaged to design and promote a simple but captivating celebration event for the Chinese Year of the Rooster. Festive elements like roosters and flowers were used for decoration to create the right ambience. Another sure-fire crowd-puller at Chinese New Year events is food. The Dragon’s Beard Candy chef’s art and on-site sampling proved too enticing to pass by, treating and delighting troves of visiting patrons. As part of the celebration, a God of Fortune also gave out greeting scrolls and Chinese New Year goodies, wishing everyone good fortune and luck in 2017. Overall, the event created a unique experience for new and returning customers.

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